“Getting Serious About Social Security”
Program Overview & Description

As nearly 10,000 baby boomers continue to retire on a daily basis, many will eventually regret not taking the time to better understand Social Security prior to claiming benefits. Nowadays, given the potential for increased life expectancies coupled with the risk of outliving one’s money, the decision of “how and when” to collect Social Security benefits can have unintended financial consequences if not properly evaluated beforehand - It is no longer a simple decision!

In response to these and other similar retirement challenges, the “Getting Serious about Social Security” information workshop series has since gained widespread popularity across Upstate New York. Originally introduced as a public service in 2014, the program has helped thousands of attendees make a more informed Social Security claiming decision.

Early on in his career, John Kalil, Jr., who serves as the President & Founder of Retirement Solutions, LLC, had recognized many of the critical issues that his financial advisory clients were facing as they sought help transitioning into retirement. Even more disturbing was just how ill-prepared they were. After years of frustration, John grew tired of seeing this trend only continue to get worse and wanted to do something about it. He soon began to realize that he was in a unique position to draw upon his background and help others improve their financial literacy skills.

That’s when an idea was born. As a result,“Getting Serious about Social Security” was developed for the purpose of providing attendees with an opportunity to gain valuable insight into this particular topic. In turn, the program utilizes John’s public speaking skills, extensive knowledge of retirement planning and nearly 25 years of professional experience by making information workshops available at no cost or obligation to both the hosting organization and their guest attendees.

The entire workshop consists of an approximate (1) hour interactive multi-media presentation, packed with relevant information and concludes with a brief Q&A session. The overall goal of the program is to ensure pre-retirees ages 55-70 are given the necessary information required in order to make a more informed Social Security claiming decision. .

Topics covered include:
• The “one question” every retiree should know the answer to before collecting
• Navigating the “new rules” for those born after January 1, 1954
• Social Security terminology and what it all means
• Choosing the best time to collect benefits
• Advantages and disadvantages of filing online
• How to avoid critical claiming mistakes
• Important Social Security news and updates

The program is being made available as a public service by John Kalil, a Financial Coach and the President of Retirement Solutions, LLC. John has spent nearly 25 years working with retirees and understands many of the complex financial challenges they may be faced with. Early on in his career, John recognized the severity of our nation’s financial literacy crisis as it relates to Social Security and retirement preparedness. In 2014, John formed Retirement Solutions with the purpose in mind of utilizing his professional background to advocate for greater awareness of these issues. John continues to dedicate much of his spare time making similar presentations to businesses, organizations and groups throughout the Upstate New York region.

This event is for information purposes only and is not a solicitation nor is any purchase required. There is no cost to attend. Seating is limited and advanced registration is required.
This program is for information purposes only and is being offered as a public service by John N. Kalil Jr., LUTCF, Financial Coach and President of Retirement Solutions, LLC. John N. Kalil, Jr., is a Registered Representative of Hazard & Siegel, Inc., a registered Broker-Dealer. Securities are offered through Hazard & Siegel Inc., located at 5793 Widewaters Parkway, DeWitt, New York 13214. Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory Services offered through Hazard & Siegel Advisory Services, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. None of the named parties, including the hosting organization, are affiliated with, endorsed or approved by the Social Security Administration or any other governmental agency, nor do they provide tax or legal advice.

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