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Ages 18-55 Wealth Accumulation Phase

Save for a financially secure retirementEstablish a retirement savings programDiscover strategies for a tax-free retirementSave and invest for a child’s college educationProtect my spouse/family should I die unexpectedlyProtect my income should I become temporarily/permanently sick or injuredBuild and grow wealth with discretionary money through investingReduce taxable income

Ages 55-65 (Retirement Transition Phase)
Learn how to transition into a smooth and financially secure retirementBetter understand the risks of retirement that I will be faced withConsolidate/rollover retirement accounts from former employersEnsure that my retirement income sources will last and keep pace with rising costsLearn how to optimize Social Security retirement income benefits before receiving themLearn how to optimize employer provided pension benefits before receiving themMake sure my spouse is financially protectedReview my investment strategy to coincide with my goals, objectives and timelineGet a handle on your retirement expenses and sources of incomeBuild and grow wealth with discretionary money through investingReduce taxable incomeBetter understand Medicare health care options

Ages 65 + (Retirement distribution phase)

Protect assets from the high cost of nursing home and home health careReduce any tax burdens your beneficiaries will owe the governmentEstablish college savings accounts for grandchildrenBetter understand Medicare health care options

For Business Owners
Attract and retain talented employees through employee benefit programs (401K, health, life, disability insurances)Business successorship upon death or disability (Buy/Sell Planning)Establish a retirement savings program to reduce taxable income