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Jason Lennox

Jason is an independent senior health representative, helping you find the Medicare Plan that is best suited for you.

Medicare Specialist - Jason Lennox

Medicare Specialist - Jason Lennox

My Story

My name is Jason Lennox, I grew up in Stillwater, NY and I am a Siena College Graduate.  I have been in the financial services industry for close to a decade.  Throughout my career, I’ve worked with many Seniors who had questions pertaining to health insurance and Medicare.  Previously, Medicare was a topic that I didn’t have much knowledge in.  I would often recommend my clients visit their particular county’s office for the aging.  Unfortunately, my clients didn’t seem to get any real conclusive answers.  They would have a basic understanding but they felt overwhelmed with the amount of options that were available.  I saw that there was a great opportunity to educate and assist seniors with making these decisions, and that’s why today my efforts are focused on Medicare.  I truly feel that I am providing a much needed service and the feedback from those that I work with reinforces that.